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Daubert Attacks

Medical and scientific expert opinion testimony can make or break your case. To properly handle challenges under Daubert, Robinson, Havner or other controlling authority, you not only have to understand the science, you also have to clearly explain the issues to the trial judge.   With nine years' experience litigating medical and scientific issues in toxic tort and personal injury cases, the Law Office of Alicia D. Butler can help you gain the upper hand on your complex medical and scientific issues by:
  • Identifying the opinion testimony you need to meet your burden of proof.
  • Anticipating likely attacks on the admissibility of your experts' opinions and helping you prepare to neutralize them.
  • Responding to motions in limine and motions to strike your experts' opinions.
  • Developing a deposition strategy to expose weaknesses in defense expert opinions.
  • Attacking defense experts through fully-briefed Daubert motions and trial objections.
  • Identifying clear and simple ways of presenting scientific and medical issues to the jury.

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