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Emergency Briefing

Many trial lawyers detest briefing work.  And face it:  most of us do a better job on our feet in front of a jury than behind a desk researching and writing about the law. Unlike your opposing counsel, you probably don't have any former judicial clerks or appellate specialists on hand to churn out devastating briefs and motions while you prepare your case for trial.

Instead of relying on an inexperienced law clerk or holding your nose and doing the work yourself, let the Law Office of Alicia D. Butler serve as your "appellate department" to handle your research and briefing needs.  Formerly a briefing attorney to Justice Rose Spector of the Texas Supreme Court, Ms. Butler can provide you with:
  • Fast, thorough, and dependable research on discrete legal issues.
  • Responses to notice of removal to federal court.
  • Briefing for emergency mandamus and interlocutory appeals.
  • Responses to motions to dismiss.
  • Summary judgment and no-evidence summary judgment motions and responses.
  • Motions in limine and motions to strike expert witness testimony.
  • Trial briefs.
  • Appellate briefs.

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